About us


Totem Resource Centre on Ethnic Communities is a non-governmental, non-denominational, not-for-profit organization that came into formal existence in October 2014. The organization was formed to address the issues and concerns essential for the sustainable growth and development of Indian society. T totem strives towards using socio-culturally specific and replicable models for continual improvement and applies the same to achieving its organizational goals. The totem’s primary concern is the welfare of all humans on the earth, irrespective of any differences.

The main functions of totem are:

•  To protect and conserve the traditional knowledge, medicine, art, culture and heritage of the minority and indigenous groups.

•  Local action and economic development through decentralized planning (community-centred)

•  Think globally and act locally.

•  Foster self-reliance, dignity, community, self-worth, and social security for empowerment.

•  Recognize the needs of minority and indigenous groups.

•  A devoted journey toward protecting, conserving and improving the natural environment and biodiversity, etc., through documentation of traditional knowledge by adopting a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Realize lifestyle.

•  Conduct educational programs and documentary screenings of recent scientific inventions and discoveries.

•  To utilize digital media and social networking to promote and assist the research and development of ethnic communities.


  • Achieving local action and economic development through community-centric (decentralized) planning
  • Creating ethnic destinations where communities can enjoy a collective co-existence and engage in farming and allied activities.
  • Promoting organic & fair trade principles through market-based interventions
  • Fostering self-reliance, dignity, community self-worth, and social security empowerment of ethnic communities through the organization of relevant activities and workshops.
  • Ensuring recognition of the needs of minority and indigenous groups
  • Protection and conservation of the art, culture and heritage of ethnic groups.
  • Protection and conservation of the natural environment, including forests, lakes, rivers, wildlife, hills and mountain ranges, by advocating the adoption of a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Realize lifestyle.
  • Utilizing digital media and social networking to promote and provide assistance for research and the development of ethnic communities.
  • Collaborative action with communities for resolution of current issues and concerns.
  • Ensuring focus on national and international perspectives of the issues concerning ethnic communities.
  • Recognizing and addressing all societies’ social needs using sustainable growth and development models.
  • Protection and conservation of biodiversity through documentation of traditional knowledge, preservation of genetic resources and reduction of bioprospecting to ensure fair and equal profit distribution.
  • Ensuring the overall development of humankind by organizing thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating seminars, ethnographic film festivals, lectures, internships, mentorship, etc.


totem Resource Centre serves many tribal populations who need support to improve their quality of life. Totem has focused on community-based development in the fields of Education, Agriculture, Apiculture, Fisheries, Psychological Support, Medicinal Plants Cultivation, Waste Management, Science Popularization, Health and Hygiene, etc.

totem works as a Resource Centre for ethnic communities of India in general and Kerala in particular. The organization strives to make the voice of the voiceless heard. We direct our energies towards addressing the immediate needs and problems of ethnic communities and strive to make them self-reliant.

Through our activities, we attempt to redeem ethnic communities from bondage and subjugation. Our initiatives aim to enable these communities to live in today’s global village with equality and freedom. Through these efforts, we hope to act as a catalyst for their empowerment.


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